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Continuous Provision

Continuous Provision - KS1

Continuous provision in Key Stage 1 (KS1) refers to an approach in primary education where learning opportunities are available to children throughout the day within their classroom environment. The classroom is set up with various areas that are designed to encourage exploration, discovery, and independent learning.


The aim of continuous provision is to create a rich learning environment where children can engage in self-directed play and exploration, allowing them to develop skills, knowledge, and understanding across a range of subjects. Teachers and TAs play a facilitative role, observing and interacting with children as they explore the different areas, providing support and guidance when needed, and extending their learning through questioning and scaffolding.


This approach is often associated with the principles of the Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS), but we have extended it into Key Stage 1 (year 2 for foundation subjects) to provide a seamless transition from the early years into more formal learning. Continuous provision can help foster independence, creativity, and critical thinking skills in young learners, while also ensuring that their individual interests and learning needs are catered to.


For more information on continuous provision and how it looks at Fairview, please see the presentation below.