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Sport at Fairview

Sport at Fairview 2023-24

Girls Cricket - May 2024

Let’s hear it for the girls cricket team. Some fabulous batting, bowling and fielding led us to win 3 out of our 4 games. We are so proud of the girls who came 3rd in the cricket overall. What a way to top of a fantastic day of girls sport. Bronze medalists and well deserved. Girl Power!!

PSG Football Tournament - May 2024

Our girls football team had a fabulous morning at the PSG football tournament. We had 5 games in the group stages: We won 3 games, drew 1 game and lost 1 game(to the eventual overall winners).

This put us 2nd in our group, so we were playing for 4th-6th place. We won both of these games which put us in 4th place overall out of 18 schools.

A fantastic display of football from our girls today. We couldn’t be prouder. Well done Superstars!

Quick Sticks Hockey Tournament - May 2024

Well done to our Year 4 Hockey team who played in The Quick Sticks Hockey Tournament today. We had a great morning with 3 wins, 2 draws and 1 loss, but with goal difference being taken into account, we just missed out on playing for one of the top 4 spots in the afternoon. We were now playing for 5th- 8th place. We won the first game, drew the second (but then lost on penalties) and lost the last game against a very strong team.


We came 7th place in the end out of 14 schools. A very respectable result, however the way we played was podium worthy! Some fabulous dribbling, passing and defensive duties were on display throughout. Well done superstars! 

Plate MYG Netball Tournament - April 2024

Well done to our Plate Team today at the MYG Netball Tournament. They played some lovely netball and showed fantastic teamwork and sportsmanship throughout. Each game they improved their movement around the court and made some great interceptions in defence and slick passing in attack. Well done to our sports reporter too who captured everyone’s highlights in their report.

We are so proud of you all.

MYG Netball - April 2024

The netball cup team were in action today at the Mini Youth Games. They all played brilliantly, improving game upon game. There was some fantastic shooting, dodging and passing by Fairview which was wonderful to watch. Our house captain / sports reporter was also on form today, ensuring that we were at the correct court on time and making sure the team was organised! Look out for their report of the day in this weeks newsletter. 
They were all a credit to the school which makes us so proud. Well done superstars!

MYG Netball Championship - April 2024

Well done to our MYG Netball Championship Team (and sports reporter). We payed some great games and demonstrated some fabulous dodging and shooting. We are super proud of the way you represented Fairview today. Superstars!

Sportshall Athletics Competition - April 2024 *Update*

The results are in……

Fairview are officially CHAMPIONS of the year 3/4 Sportshall Athletics competition out of 20 schools competing!

We are so, so proud of each and every one of you. Dream Team!

Winners shield and individual medals are on their way!

Sportshall Athletics Competition - April 2024


(So far! We have to wait and see if any of the schools competing this afternoon score higher than us!) But we’ll enjoy the moment for now!

What a morning of fantastic running, throwing and jumping. Some super speedy baton changes and brilliant cheering helped us on our way to victory!

Well done to all of our year 3/4 athletes. You absolutely smashed it! What a team; we are so proud of you all.

Year 2 Multiskills - March 2023

The year 2 multi skills team have been learning their ABC’s this morning!




What fun we have all had! Some amazing performances from our Fairview Superstars who achieved 8 silver and 4 gold awards!

And two of our children were awarded the Endeavour Award for working so hard. We are so proud of all of you!

Balance Bike Festival - February 2024 *Further Update*

Well done to our wonderful Year One Balance Bike 3rd Place Winners!! We are so so proud of you all! Go team Year One!

Balance Bike Festival - February 2024 *Update*

We are so proud of our balance bike team. They came 1st in the morning session! We are waiting to hear the overall result but this is amazing!

Balance Bike Festival - February 2024

Some year 1 children demonstrated their skills this morning at the Balance Bike Festival. We had so much fun navigating obstacles and showed our super speed and control around the tracks! We are so proud of you all! Well done superstars!

Results to follow!

The Medway Cross Country Series - February 2024

A fantastic afternoon of running for Fairview in our final race in The Medway Cross Country Series.

Let's start with today’s successes. Firstly, well done to every single runner today - you all ran beautifully and showed fantastic perseverance.


We had two individual 3rd places and one individual 2nd place.

Then the year 4 boys and year 5 boys won the team award for this race and the year 6 girls came 2nd for this race.


Year 4 girls demonstrated fantastic collaboration by sticking together when things got tough and ended up crossing the line at the same time holding hands.


Now onto the overall series results:

Year 4 boys: Overall series champions.

Year 5 boys: Overall series champions.

Year 5 girls: 3rd overall.

Year 6 girls: 2nd overall.


Boys overall (across all years): Series Champions.

We also had one year 4 boy coming 3rd across the series and one year 5 boy becoming series champion.


To say we are proud is an understatement! Well done to all of you.

Multi Skills Festival Mini Youth Games - Febraury 2024

What a fantastic morning we have had at the multi skills festival. We took part in twelve different activities which challenged our agility, balance, coordination and overall movement. We all worked so hard and had such great fun!

MYG Cup and Plate Table Tennis - February 2024

Well done to our MYG Cup and Plate Table Tennis Teams today.

Both teams played some fantastic rallies and demonstrated some excellent serves throughout the the day. The Plate Team didn’t lose a single fixture all day and the Cup team came 10th out of 24 teams. We are extremely proud of both teams in the way that they supported each other and showed fantastic sportsmanship. Look out for our sports reporters take on the day in the newsletter!

Mini Youth Games Table Tennis Championship - February 2024

Well done to our Championship table tennis team today at the Mini Youth Games.

We had a fantastic start to the day winning the first three matches. Then we came up against two schools who really raised the bar. Despite this, we managed to get into the ‘super 8’s’ in the afternoon.

Some fabulous shots were played and some really close matches were fought out. We ended up in 6th place overall, which we are extremely proud of. Well done to all of you for showing excellent sportsmanship throughout.

January 2024 - MYG Swimming Championships

Wow! What a fantastic day Fairview has had at The MYG Swimming Championships. Every single member of the team swam brilliantly. We had two children making it into three finals and bagging three medals between them! (backstroke)(breaststroke). We came 5th overall (our highest MYG placing so far this year) AND we won The Fair Play award!


We are so, so proud of you all, not only in your swimming, but also the way that you supported each other throughout the day. Well done Swim Team!

Medway Cross Country Series Race 3 - January 2024

Another magnificent display of running from the Fairview team in particularly cold and muddy conditions! Three individual medalists and still unbeaten, were the year 4 boys and Year 5 boys taking the team trophies overall.

Couldn’t be prouder! Well done to all of you.

MYG Badminton Cup and Plate - November 2023

A big round of applause to our MYG Badminton Cup and Plate teams today.

Some great shots played and lots of games won throughout the day. We were particularly impressed with the teamwork and communication on court between our players. A special mention to our house captains who took on the role of sports reporters today. We look forward to reading your reports in the newsletter.


MYG Badminton - November 2023

Well done to our MYG badminton championship team today. Some great collaboration shown when working together on court and some magnificent shots played. Well done to all of you. We are very proud. 


Race 2 of the Medway Cross Country Series - November 2023

Fairview demonstrated some fabulous running today, bagging 3 individual podium places, 12 top 10 finishers and winning the year 4 boys and year 5 boys team awards. Such a brilliant effort - well done everyone!

MYG Basketball - November 2023

Introducing the MYG basketball Fair Play Award WINNERS!!
So, so proud and well deserved!


MYG Basketball Championship - November 2023

Year 5 represented Fairview in the MYG basketball Championship today.

They played with such heart and determination against children a year older than them. We are so proud of your perseverance and collaboration.

We enjoyed watching a Crusaders exhibition match at lunchtime which we all found very inspiring.

And to top it all off, two of our players were picked out as great sportsmen and awarded a Crusaders water bottle each. The hard work paid off! Well done to all of you today!

Mini Youth Games - Basketball Plate Team - November 2023

Well done to our Basketball Plate Team today. Despite losing a player early on to injury, the team pulled together and demonstrated fantastic perseverance and collaboration. Some great baskets were scored as well as some really slick passing. Well done to all of you!


Our MYG Plate basketball team met NBA San Antonio basketball player Ryan Richards today too! Mrs Pithman was thrilled!

Mini Youth Games - Basketball - November 2023

Today our Cup Basketball Team took part in The Mini Youth Games. We demonstrated some great passing, shooting and dribbling and worked well as a team. Every player gave their all, and supported each other throughout the day. You should all be very proud of yourselves!


It was also the day that we met NBA San Antonio basketball player Ryan Richards! He’s 6 foot 11- even Mrs Saputo looked short!

Cross Country - November 2023

Wow! What a great afternoon we had at cross country today. Despite the rain and mud, Fairview demonstrated some really lovely running. We had an individual 1st place, 2nd place and two 3rd places! And the year 4 and 5 boys teams won overall too! We also had many top 10 finishers which is exceptional in such a tough field of competitors. Well done to each and every one of you. You are all superstars!

Sports Organising Crew Training - October 2023

Our House Captains spent the morning at the Sports Organising Crew training event today. They learnt how to work together as a team, lead an activity, listen to each other’s ideas and give constructive feedback. They took on the roles of Sports Captains, Designers, Reporters and Statisticians. Well done to all of you.

MYG Hockey Competition - October 2023

Today our Cup team (Fairview United) and Plate team (Fairview Wanderers) were in action at the MYG Hockey Competition.

There was some magnificent hockey on display today from both teams. United only lost one game all day, scoring some brilliant goals and finishing in 10th place out of 24 schools. Wanderers demonstrated excellent teamwork and perseverance throughout the day and played some really nice hockey.

We are so proud of you all.

MYG Hockey Championships - October 2023

Fairview United in winning action!

MYG Hockey Championships - October 2023

A lovely day was had by all at the MYG Hockey Championships today. After a slow start, we were unbeaten in the last three games, demonstrating fantastic teamwork and perseverance. Well done to all of you, we are super proud.

Tri-Golf - September 2023

A huge well done to our year 3 and 4 Tri-Golfers this morning. We enjoyed practising our putting and chipping skills and worked really hard at aiming for the targets. Mrs Saputo and Mr Bodkin were very impressed with everyone’s performances today. You should feel very proud of yourselves.

Sport at Fairview 2022-23

Sports Day Results 2023-23


Overall Results

The scores have been collated together for an overall house winner.


Winners! Victory

2nd Place - Phoenix

3rd Place - Ocelot

4th Place - Goliath

Tri-Golf Festival - Green Acre School - June 2023

Some of Year 2 took part in the Tri-Golf festival at Greenacre School. They used putters and pitching wedges to aim at a range of different targets. They all showed great collaboration and preserved through each activity. Well done!

Mini Youth Games Cricket - May 2023

A second team of Year 5 and 6 children went to the MYG cricket competition today. They played fantastically throughout and demonstrated great respect and collaboration. Mr Bodkin and Miss Cassell are very proud of you all - well done!

Cricket Mini Youth Games (Boys) - May 2023

Fairview came to the Mini Youth Games event today at Lower Halstow Cricket Club. After a day of superb cricket and winning 4/5 games, we came 3rd. A huge

congratulations to the children involved!

Cricket Mini Youth Games (Girls) - May 2023

This afternoon our girls cricket team played at a girls cricket festival and demonstrated some magnificent play, with some fine catches, accurate bowling and great hitting. This helped us to win two out of the three games we played. Well done girls, you smashed it!

Mini Youth Games Football (Girls) - May 2023

A huge round of applause to our girls football team this morning. They demonstrated incredible teamwork and bagged some fantastic goals too. We won 4 games, drew 1 game and lost 2 games. You girls rock!

Netball Mini Youth Games - April 2023

Our year 5’s represented Fairview in the Netball Mini Youth Games today and what a credit to the school they all were. Their perseverance and teamwork was admirable. We want to thank you all for working so hard today. You are all superstars!

Racket Skills Festival - April 2023

We attended the ‘Racket Skills Festival’ today with some year 4 children. They had great fun trying out badminton, table tennis, tennis and squash. All children were a credit to the school. Well done superstars!

MYG Tag Rugby Competition - March 2023

It was a cold, wet and windy day at the MYG Tag Rugby Competition today, but Fairview didn’t let that get in the way of some fantastic performances!

They all demonstrated collaboration, kindness and respect throughout the day which was a pleasure to see.


‘The Fairview Rangers’ (pink team), won 7 out of their 8 matches! And ‘The Fairview Rovers’ (black team) came 14th out of 33 schools. Some great results against quality opposition. We are very proud of each and every one of you!

Mini Youth Games Multi Skills Festival - March 2023

Today some of the year 2 students took part in the multi skills festival alongside other local schools. The children did brilliantly in all activities and achieved silver overall. Well done to all the children on a great morning representing Fairview.

Cross Country Running - March 2023

Our final races in The Medway Cross Country Series were a success. We had three individual medalists and the year 6 boys team scooped 1st place with a fantastic display of running. We couldn’t be prouder of every single one of you. Your determination and resilience is admirable!

And if that wasn’t enough excitement for you….. we came 3rd across the whole series in the boys and girls categories, which meant a very well deserved 3rd place overall. Well done Team Fairview!

Cross Country Running - February 2023

A big well done to our cross country runners today. We had three podium places and lots of determination and perseverance by all our athletes to tackle the hilly course.

Mini Youth Games - Balance Bike Festival February 2023

Some of our year 1 children attended the Balance Bike Festival at Medway Park. They took part in 3 different races which tested their riding skills. They showed great perseverance and collaboration while having lots of fun! Well done to Ellie, Amala, Imogen, Evie, Madeline, George, Harry, Rufus, Franky & Layton! A few days later we found out our team came 1st! We are so proud of our little balance bikers!

Mini Youth Games - Multi Skills Festival February 2023

Some year 4 children took part in a Multi Skills Festival this morning. They had an amazing time competing for Bronze, Silver and Gold Awards. And two of our children won the Endeavour Award for trying their best and demonstrating our core values throughout. We all had a wonderful morning and we are so proud of you all.

Mini Youth Games Table Tennis - February 2023

Mini-Youth Games table tennis. It all went fantastically well! Clearly, all the PE practise is paying off because the standard of play was phenomenal. Plenty of fair play points and lots of wins. Both teams were superb, with the Rangers performing brilliantly in the plate competition and the Rovers coming first in the cup.

Mini Youth Games Table Tennis Competition - February 2023

Today we took the Championship team to the MYG table tennis competition. We didn’t lose a match all morning, which took us through to the last 8 in the afternoon. Fairview played tremendously, winning some great points. We lost a couple of matches in the afternoon against some really tough opposition, but we are so proud of their sportsmanship and fair play. We came 5th place, which is really commendable considering the high standard of play on display. Well done to all of you. Superstars!

Medway Sports Hall Athletics Competition - February 2023

Today we took some year 3 and 4 children to the Medway Sports Hall Athletics competition. They demonstrated speed, agility and power but most of all, fantastic sportsmanship and determination. We had several top 3 finishes in the track events and some amazing performances in the field events. After an agonising wait for the results, we ended up in 5th place out of 16 schools. A fantastic result against such stiff competition. We are so proud of each and every one of you.

Championship and Cup Swimming

A fantastic day for our Championship and Cup swimming teams today. The Championship team came 7th overall, but we will have to wait until later to see where the Cup team came.

We had two individual medalists too. Such a huge achievement to be in the top 3 placings out of 42 children!

Every member of the squad played their part today, demonstrating fabulous collaboration, especially in the relays. Well done to each and every one of you. Proud is an understatement!

Medway Sports Hall Athletics - January 2023

Some Year 5 children participated in the Medway Sports Hall Athletics this morning. Such a fantastic event, with children getting to compete in both track and field events. We had some excellent performances from individuals but it was the team relays which stood out for me. Fairview’s collaboration was so lovely to see and they really supported each other by cheering everyone on. Well done to our all of our athletes today!

Medway Sports Awards 2022 - December 2022

Fairview PE Team enjoyed their evening at Medway Sports with fellow finalists from 86 schools. They were fortunate enough to listen to keynote speakers including Chris Waddle, Georgia Mae Fenton, Karol Itauma, Tom Coyd, Rachael Burford and Shaunagh Brown. Super proud of the team and all they achieve!

Mini Youth Games Badminton Cup and Plate Competition - December 2022

Today, the cup and plate badminton teams took part in the Mini Youth Games. They worked incredibly well in their pairings, demonstrating our core values of collaboration and respect. Some excellent points were played throughout the day and the Fairview team performance improved as each game went on. Some matches were closely fought out and I am really proud of how they showed resilience when they went behind, sometimes turning it around to go on and win the match.


To top off a fabulous day, our Cup Team came 2nd place overall. So a runners up trophy for Fairview! A huge well done to all our players.

Badminton Mini Youth Games - November 2022

A huge well done to our MYG badminton team. They played some magnificent shots to win vital points throughout the day. Their collaboration and teamwork was a joy to watch. After some closely fought matches in the afternoon, some with only one point separating the two teams, Fairview finished in 4th place. Amazing work Team Fairview.

Medway Cross Country - November 2022

A huge well done to our year 5 and 6 runners who competed in the first race of the Medway Cross Country series. They demonstrated some lovely running and five children got podium places. In addition to this, the year 6 boys placed first in the team event and the year 5 girls team placed second in the team event. We are so proud of you all.

Courtney Tullock Visit - November 2022

We were very lucky to have the real-life Olympian, Courtney Tullock visit our school. He spoke to us about perseverance and working to achieve our dreams. He then showed us some impressive gymnastic tricks, including summersaulting over our teachers. He then led some fitness circuits and spoke about keeping healthy. Thanks Courtney! 


Basketball Mini Youth Games Cup & Plate Competitions - November 2022

Well done to our two basketball teams who played in The MYG Cup and Plate competitions. They demonstrated fantastic teamwork and collaboration and showed respect at all times. We are very proud of you all!

Basketball Mini Youth Games - November 2022

Well done to our championship basketball team today at the Mini Youth Games. They played some tough opposition in the morning and it was an agonising wait to see if they had done enough to make it into the top half of the points table…..and they had! We were now playing for places 1-8. The whole team found their fighting spirit and worked really hard, but the opposition proved too strong in the afternoon and we finished in a very respectable 7th place. We are so proud of you all for showing perseverance and resilience throughout.

Sports Ambassador Training - October 2022

We took the year 6 house captains to a Sports Ambassador training event at The Howard School this morning. They learnt about how to lead an active game and delivered this to pupils from another school. They also learnt about important roles such as statisticians, designers, reporters, and captains. They are all looking forward to putting these new skills to the test! Well done Team Fairview!

Hockey Mini Youth Games - October 2022 (second session)

We took two teams to the MYG hockey tournament. The children were really excited to be representing the school. Each team played eight games and showed really good teamwork and perseverance throughout. We are extremely proud of how both teams played and conducted themselves during the day. Well done to all of you!

Hockey Mini Youth Games - October 2022

The year 5/6 Championship hockey team took part in the Mini Youth Games at Holcombe Hockey Club today. They put on a magnificent display in every game, showing fantastic teamwork and sportsmanship throughout, whilst also demonstrating our core values. The team won every single game they played and won 1-0 in a closely fought game in the final. Absolute superstars! 

Schools Basketball Tournament - October 2022

Girls from Year 5 and 6 took part in a basketball tournament after school. We are really proud of their achievements, especially in winning the fair play award! Go Team Fairview!

Medway Tri-Golf Festival - September 2022

The year 3 and 4 tri-golf team practised their putting and chipping skills at the 'Medway Tri-Golf Festival' today. They were a credit to the school by demonstrating our core values and trying their best throughout. Well done to every single one of you. You have made us very proud.

Sports Day Results 2021-22


Overall Morning Results

The morning scores have been collated together for an overall house winner.


3rd place - Ocelot

Joint 2nd - Victory and Phoenix

Winners - Goliath

Defibrillator - Wigmore FC

Last year Wigmore FC players, committee members, family and friends took part in a sponsored walk to raise money for a defibrillator at Kings Frith park, where they play most of their matches. 

They exceeded their expectations and raised MUCH more, therefore; they have kindly donated one to school for use during our community lettings at the weekends.

Thank you Wigmore FC.