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Mini Youth Games Hockey - Thursday 21st October



The first tournament of the MYG series took place on Thursday (the first MYG event since March 2020!) We entered two teams - a plate team and a championship team. 


After several weeks of practice, the teams arrived excited and enthusiastic, albeit a little nervous for the day. During the event each team had to play eight games. They showed excellent team work, supporting each other well and some very good and improving hockey skills.


The Plate Team won 1, drew 2 and lost 5 and finished a very creditable 15th place. Well done to: Caitlyn, Nancy, Skyla, Jake T, Alex M, Harrison D, Mohammad and Theo. 


The Championship Team played 8 in the league - won 6 and drew 2. That meant they qualified for the last 4 knock out competition. In the semi-finals they drew 1-1 and won on penalties 2-1. In the final, in a very close and exciting game we lost 2-0. However, it did mean we had finished 2nd in Medway out of 48 schools. What an achievement! Well done to: Rose, Ella H, Imogen A, Dylan P, Zac B, George W, William G and Samuel S.

Medway Schools Cross Country League - 13th October 

The first race of the league took place at Cliffe Woods Primary School. After a very excitable minibus journey, we got our running heads on and prepared for the race ahead.


The girls race was first. What a performance from Nancy who won the race 20 seconds ahead of second place! Ella (10th), Tilly (12th), Holly (22nd), Grace (24th) and Imogen N (34th) meant the girls team finished 2nd in the team event. Well done girls.


The boys race followed with a nail biting wait for the results. Tom L won the boys race milliseconds ahead of second place.  Will (4th), Max H (6th), Samuel (9th), Sonny Adams (10th), Dylan P (16th), Harrison C (18th) and Rylie N (28th) meant the boys won the team event. Well done boys.


A fabulous night all round for the whole team.  Race 2 and 3 will take part in March.





Teddy - Falcons - Golf 

Well done to Teddy in Falcons Class. He played in a competition at Sittingbourne and Milton Regis golf course playing 18 holes. He finished 3rd place on the best front 9 holes. Teddy described the conditions on the day as, ‘good for golf.’ We are all very proud of you Teddy. Keep up the great work.


Year 3 and 4 Tri-Golf Festival - our first event since Covid.


It was such a lovely feeling this morning when 12, year 3 and 4 children, took part in a Tri-Golf festival at the Howard School. We were all very excited to be competing against other schools in the 7 set stations. Everyone putted, chipped and cheered their way around the course, with the biggest cheer coming when we found out that we had won the ‘fair play award’. Well done to Eddie, Haiden, Henry, Imogen C, Tiana, Darcey, Ellis, Stanley, Imogen W, Emily, Fraser and James.


'At tri-golf we played lots of different games and one of the activities was called Bullseye. It is where you have a putter and you have to get the ball in the middle for 3 points.  We did a few more games, had a snack and then played a few more. The other game I liked was aiming at a number on the wall.  If you hit that number that is how many points you score. When we had finished we were awarded the fair play award.  We got a certificate and bag.  Wow'.

Emily - Year 4


Mrs Harvey - Faversham 10km 


Well done to Mrs Harvey who ran the Faversham 10km at the weekend to raise money for Cystic Fibrosis. This charity is very close to the heart of Mrs Harvey and a number of her friends. We hope you raised lots of money and felt proud of your achievement.




The Medway Mile - 10th September at Rochester Castle


On Friday evening, a number of our children and their families took part in the annual Medway Mile event. The free mass participation event brings together thousands of residents from Medway every year.  As well as running the family mile, the children also took part in fun sporting activities. Well done to all the families who took part.

Thank you for sharing your photos with us.







Academic Year 2020 - 2021



Medway District Football Team 

Well done to Nancy and Rosie who have both been selected to play for the Medway U11 girls football team.  This is a wonderful achievement girls - well done!

Year 6 MYG hockey photo 


Year 6 MYG Badminton photo 


Sports Day Results


1st place - Victory - 567

2nd place - Goliath - 559

3rd place - Phoenix- 489

4th place - Ocelot - 482


Well done Team VICTORY!!

Body Buddies - Year 2


The year 2 were surprised when Meta Man and Bossy Brain turned up at school on Wednesday to present some children with their certificates. I heard they were very cheeky.



Sports Day 2021 Results - KS1 and FS


Year R winners - Phoenix and Goliath

Year 1 winners - Goliath 

Year 2 winners - Goliath


Virtual Multi Skills Competition Results


Last term in PE, Starfish and Wolves classes completed a number of challenges for the virtual multi skills competition. Each child had their results for the 12 activities combined with the top 5 children in each class gaining either a gold, silver or bronze certificate according to their final score.


In Year 1, well done to Beau and Ethan for achieving Bronze awards, and Ollie, Scarlett, and Hugo for attaining Silver.


In Year 3, well done to Poppy, Safia and Zainab for achieving a bronze award, and Zachary and Max for the silver awards.

MYG Badminton Results
During lockdown in February, Harrison C, William M, Jude, Sophie, Amelia H and Catherine took part in the virtual MYG badminton competition.  The results have now been collated and I'm thrilled to say that the team finished 2nd in Medway! Another wonderful achievement for our school thanks to the skills and commitment from the children. Well done to you all.

District Football Presentation


Well done to all the children who were selected to play for this year’s district football teams. Last Saturday saw the end of season presentations with a number of our boys achieving trophies. 


Harry J - Under 11 boys (playing a year up) won the Association Player trophy - the player who has won the most man of the match awards throughout the season.


Sam W - Under 11 boys won the Managers Player award.


Olly A - Under 11 boys won the top goal scorer award.  


These are all marvellous achievements. Keep up the fantastic work boys. We wish everyone who is trialling for this year's teams the best of luck.

Korfball - Year 3 and 5.

Year 3 and 5 enjoyed Korfball last night during their after school club. They were learning new drills and the principles of Korfball. Thank you to Tornadoes Korfball club for leading a fun session, I know the children are looking forward to the next lesson.



After School PE clubs starting back!

It was wonderful to see after school clubs starting back tonight - year 2,5 and 6 football and year 3 tennis. There was lots of laughter and enjoyment. Thank you PSA and The Avenue Tennis.


Easter Fitness Challenge


Well done to everyone who took part in the fitness challenge. It's been lovely to see so many miles covered by families walking, riding and running together. The winners are:



Summer - 97 miles!

Teddy U - 56.5 miles

Max and Thomas S - 47.5



Rosa and Joshua J - 28.5 miles

Oakley B - 25.7 miles

Evie R - 20.1 miles 


Medals are on there way for everyone who took part. Well done.

National Daily Mile Day - Tuesday 30th April

Various classes from Years 1-6 took part in running the mile as part of National Daily Mile Day.




Still image for this video

Virtual MYG Hockey Results

Before Christmas, 6 children from Giraffes Class, took part in a virtual hockey competition. They showcased their dribbling, passing and shooting skills. The results came back yesterday to say we came 1st in Medway!!!! What a fabulous achievement. Well done to Isaak, Luke, Oliver P, Anna, Sophie and Jessica.



Challenge 6 Winners


Year 1 - Ben W and Gracie L

Year 2 - Abigail H and Callan N

Year 3 - Daniel L and Jenson P

Year 4 - Kitty T and Ella H

Year 5 - Elizabeth L

Year 6 - Luke W and Jessica H


Well done to everyone who took part.


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Challenge 6 - Stork Stand

How long can you hold a stork stand for? 
Try balancing on both your left and right foot.



Challenge 5 Winners


Year 1 - Maya A and Ben W

Year 2 - Darcey GS and Abigail H

Year 3 - Amber L and Jack S

Year 4 - Louis R and Samuel S

Year 5 - Melody-Rose E and Jessica W

Year 6 - Sophie S and Anna N

Challenge 5

How many forward skips can you do in a given time?

KS1 in 40 seconds

KS2 in 60 seconds


Good luck. 


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Challenge 4 Winners

So many children have taken part this week - well done everyone. The winners are:

Year 1 

1st - Ben W

2nd - Krum

3rd - Fearne 


Year 2

1st - Darcey GS

2nd - Lauren T

3rd - Ekam


Year 3

1st - Jack S

2nd - Leila 

3rd - Olivia J


Year 4

1st - Louis 

2nd - Ella H

3rd - William G


Year 5 

1st - Felix 
2nd - Jessica 

3rd - Sam H


Year 6 

1st - Luke W

2nd - Anna 

3rd - Veer



Challenge 4

This week we are going to play 'tea-tails' as a warm up before our 3 challenges.

Challenge 1 - How many times can you pass a ball or teddy around your tummy?

Challenge 2 - How many speed bounces can you do?

Challenge 3 - How many times can you jump on the socks?

KS1 - time yourself over 20 seconds

KS2 - 30 seconds.

Good luck everyone.



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Challenge 3 Winners

A superb achievement from everyone who took part.

The winners are:


Year 1 - Michaela W and Ben W

Year 2 - Callan N and Thomas M

Year 3 - Jack S and Daniel L

Year 4 - Ella H and Louis R

Year 5 - Jessica W and Felix H

Year 6 - Luke W and Anna N



Challenge 3 - Fast feet

KS1 - how many fast feet cycles can you do in 20 seconds?

KS2 - in 30 seconds.

Good luck!


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Challenge 2 Winners

Well done to the 95 children who took part in the step-up challenge last week.  It's been lovely to see so many photos and videos submitted - we've had family competitions going on too.  Well done to Mrs Stedman (Mum of Alice and Eleanor) and Mr Sterry (Grandad of Fearne).

The winners are:

Year 1 - Ben W and Gracie L

Year 2 - Ted B and Elena Y

Year 3 - Jack S and Fearne L

Year 4 - Samuel S and Louis R

Year 5 - Nancy L and Jonny Y

Year 6 - Sophie S and Evie L


Well done everyone!

Challenge 2 - Step Ups

KS1 - how many step ups can you do in 30 seconds?

KS2 - how many can you do in 45 seconds?

Good luck everyone.


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Challenge 1 winners

Year 1 - Ben W 

Year 2 - Robert E

Year 3 - Jenson P

Year 4 - Samuel S

Year 5 - Melody-Rose E

Year 6 - Sophie S


Congratulations to all 6 of you.

PE at home

Challenge 1 - Bouncing a ball on a racket

Well done to all the children who have taken part in challenge 1. 
KS1 had to see how many times they could bounce a ball on a racket in 30 seconds, and KS2 in 45 seconds. The results will be announced on Monday. Here’s a few photos and videos for you to have a look at.




Still image for this video


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Lots of families have already tried to find ‘geocaches’ in our local area.
Catherine (Year 6) is finding them to gain a badge at guides.

Skipping and Hula Hooping Winners

We now have the winners certificates and medals for the top 10 boys and girls in each category. Some of the children in school have started to receive theirs. For those children at home, we will be contacting you very shortly to arrange for you to collect yours.


Hula Hooping Virtual Competition Results - Term 2


Year 1 and 2 - Winners

Year 3 and 4 - Winners

Year 5 and 6 - Winners


Skipping Virtual Competition Results - Term 2


FS - 2nd Place

Year 1 and 2 - Winners

Year 3 and 4 - Winners

Year 5 and 6 - Winners


These are fantastic results. Well done to everyone who took part.  You should all be very proud of yourselves. Well done team Fairview!

Year 4 Swimming Certificates - December

Year 4 Turtles have received their swimming certificates for either their 5m, 10m or 25m.  Well done to everyone.



Virtual MYG Basketball - Term 2

Some children from Zebras class have been selected to represent FV in the virtual MYG Basketball competition. They spent a few weeks practising their dribbling, shooting, passing and bouncing skills.  
We are hoping to finish the competition in the New Year.

Virtual Mini Youth Games Hockey - Term 2

Some children from Giraffes class have been busy practicing for the first ever virtual Mini Youth Games competition.  They have had a couple of training sessions developing their skills in preparation. For the competition they will be completing four activities, in a given time, concentrating on their stick control, passing, dribbling and shooting. Good luck Team Fairview!


Virtual Competitions - Hula Hooping, Skipping and Sports Hall Athletics

The children have been busy practising for their virtual competitions against other Medway schools.  We have two weeks left until the results have to be in, so keep working on those skills.  Good luck everyone.



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Walk to School fortnight

Thank you and well done to all the families that took part in the walk to school competition. The results are as follows:

1st - Goliath

2nd - Phoenix

3rd - Ocelot

4th – Victory

Well done Team Goliath. Keep up the good work. Keep a look out for the next challenge.

Year 6 Young Leaders

Year 6 have worked hard over the last 6 weeks to complete the Play Maker Award. They have learnt how to play fun games with younger children whilst thinking about P.A.C.E (the participants, the area, how to communicate and how to use the equipment safely). Well done to you all.


House Captains 2020-2021

Well done to the following Year 6 children who have been selected as this year’s House Captains by the Year 6 teaching team.


Captain - Maisie A

Vice-captain – Oliver P



Captain – Madeleine F

Vice-captain – Ben C



Captain – Freddie L

Vice-captain – Evie-Mae B



Captain - Amelie S

Vice-captain – William M


Hopefully we can meet soon and start planning some house events. I am looking forward to working with you over the next few terms.  Well done.

Ella (Year 4) Football

Ella has recently been awarded with managers player of the season (awards given out late due to the covid restrictions). She was also top goal scorer last year too. Well done Ella!!  

Karate Achievements

Charlie M, Josh P and Jack S in Year 3 took part in their grading at Karate last week and are very proud of their new Belts - Brown with white stripe Belt for Charlie and Jack and Green Belt for Josh. 

Excellent work boys - keep it up!



Holly - Year 5 - Dance achievements

Holly took part in 3 exams in dancing/performing and singing. She achieved a Distinction in Solo Singing, A Merit in Tap and a Merit in her Character Performance which was singing and Dancing. 

This is fantastic news Holly, well done.


Teddy - Year 4 - Golf achievement

On Sunday the 20th September I competed in my very first Junior Medal, 18 Hole, Golf Competition at Sittingbourne & Milton Regis Golf Course. It took me 4 hours & 15 minutes to finish the game & I parred hole number 4 which was 149 yards. I really enjoyed it!


Well done Teddy. Keep up the great work.


Results from our ‘Bike to School’ week.


What a fantastic response to our bike to school week.  Even on Friday when we had heavy rain, people were still riding to school.  It was lovely to see so many bikes locked up to the fence and in the bike shed.


Some families commented on feeling good after their ride in the mornings and that they felt fitter after a weeks' worth of exercise.


Well done to all the children and adults involved and thank you for your support.  Let's hope this has encouraged and enthused people to continue riding.


The number of rides has been collated and the results are...


4th place - Phoenix - with 37 rides during the week 

3rd place - Ocelot - 58 rides

2nd place - Victory - 82 rides

1st place - Goliath - 86 rides


Well done team Goliath!! Keep up the good work.

A few photos from ‘Bike to School’ week.



National Bike to School Week - 28th September - 2nd October


The National ‘Bike to School Week’ campaign launches on Monday 28th September and runs until Friday 2nd October. The week is designed to showcase the benefits of cycling to school across the UK. As pupils return to school following lockdown, active travel is more important than ever to help get to school safely and healthily.
This event will be running as a house competition. The house with the most children who ride to school that week will be announced the winners!
Please make sure your child also wears a helmet when riding to and from school.
Your class teacher will keep a spreadsheet highlighting which children ride to school every day. The results will be counted and the winning House announced on Monday 5th October. 
Ride safely everyone!

Young Leaders - Year 6

This term Year 6 are all being trained as Play Makers through an accredited course by Sports Leaders UK.  During one of their PE lessons a week they will be learning how they can use their qualities to become Young Leaders. On completion of the course the YL’s will run playground games and activities for the children in Years R, 1 and 2.

They will be learning through the key phase ‘P.A.C.E.’ (Participants, area, communication and equipment).

Sports Ambassadors

We are pleased to announce that this year we will have 11 Sports Ambassadors in Year 6 helping with the running of sports clubs and activities.  The children had to write a letter of application for the post explaining why they think they would make a good role model for PE and school sport.

Well done and congratulations to; Oliver P, Samuel W, Veer, Samuel H, Olivia P, Sophie, Brooke, Dexter, Jessica, Luke and Mimi.

I’m very much looking forward to working with you all this year.

Medway District Football Team - 2020-2021.

Well done to the following boys who have been selected to play football for Medway.  This is a marvellous achievement!! They have showcased their skills at various different training sessions. 


Year 5 - playing in the U11’s Medway team - Samuel W, Olly A and Toby K.


Year 4 - also playing in the U11’s team - Harry J and Dylan P - these boys will be  playing a year up.


We will upload photos of them in action once they start their games. Good luck boys. 


                  Academic Year 2019 - 2020.

Sports Day Results


The scores have been added up.  The results are........


4th place - Phoenix


3rd place - Goliath 


2nd place - Victory 


1st place - Ocelot


Well done Team Ocelot and everyone that took part.


The trophy was presented to Max - Ocelot’s house captain.





Medway Schools Cross Country League


As mentioned in our earlier post, the cross country team had a brilliant season this year.  Daniel and Eva both finished as the third best runners in Medway and the team won the most improved school. Well done everyone.

Daniel and Eva received their medals today and four runners from the same bubble received the trophy. 

Sports Day at school - Monday 13th and Tuesday 14th

Here are some photos from the sports days at school.


Sports Day - Monday 13th July 

Today the children at home and half of the children at school all took part in sports day 2020.  They were given 7 individual challenges to complete each in a set time - shuttle runs, speed bounce, bean bag on head, step ups, jumping, standing long jump and star jumps. Every child's score was recorded, inputted into an online survey and added up to find an overall house winner.  
The other half of the children at school will take part tomorrow (14th July).  
Final results will be announced on Wednesday 15th.


We've been overwhelmed with the amount of children that have taken part and the enthusiasm they have shown. Well done to everyone who has made this day a success. Thank you.


The slide show below shows the children at home participating.  
Photos from the school will be added tomorrow.



Max S (Foxes) - Blue Peter Badge

During lockdown Max has been working hard at riding his bike and gaining more confidence on it. With all the practise he has been doing he managed 7 miles to Minis Bay and back and 10 miles in Deal the other day. This weekend he is going to try and ride from Whitstable to Canterbury which is 14 miles. Max was so proud of himself that he wrote off to blue peter and gained his 2020 sports badge. 

Well done Max! What a superstar you are.  We are all very proud of you too.  Keep up the good work.

Walking Challenge

Well done to the 48 children and 6 members of staff that took part in the walking challenge.  I think some of you are going to be needing new trainers with the amount of walking you have been doing. The results have now been collated and the winners are......




Runner Up

Year Group

Gracie L



William Z



Alex D



Freya S



James H



Fearne L



Bazhena T



Jude Z



Freya S



Harrison D



Jack and Evie L

Falcons and Ravens


Veer C



Chloe M



Liam V



Mr Bodkin


Miss Razzell



Everyone that took part will receive a medal for their achievements. Children that are in school will be handed their medals during the school day.  Children currently at home are asked to collect their medals on Tuesday 7th July from the school office.

Here’s a picture of Miss Brown and Mr Harris receiving their medals.

National School Sports Week

Thank you to everyone that took part in the National School Sports week.  It's been lovely hearing about what you've been up to at home. We've had children dancing, doing running races, mini sports days, playing tennis...the list is endless.  

I've attached a few videos and photos kindly sent in by Teddy, Max and Elsie. And a video of Mrs Woodcock completing an obstacle course in her house.

Video (1).MOV

Still image for this video


Still image for this video


Still image for this video

Speed Bounce Challenge

How many times can you jump sideways over a cone, skipping rope or line!  You must jump from 2 feet to 2 feet. Count how many you can do in a given time.  Year R and KS1 have 20 seconds. Lower and Upper KS2 have 30 seconds.

Good luck.

The winners are:

Year R - Hollie Q - 27 bounces in 20 seconds

KS1 - Fearne L - 54 in 20 seconds

Lower KS2 - William G - 71 in 30 seconds

Upper KS2 - Sophie S - 91 in 30 seconds


Well done everyone.



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Throwing and catching challenge 

The challenge this week is to see how many catches you can achieve in a given time.

Year R and KS1 - how many can you do in 30 seconds?

KS2 - how many can you do in 1 minute?

Either throw and catch to yourself against a wall, or throw and catch to another member of your household.

Good luck everyone.



The winners are:

KS1 - Henry V - 41 catches

Lower KS2 - Jessica W - 49 catches

Upper KS2 - Madrid F - 74 catches.

Fantastic catching everyone. 


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Fairview’s Alphabet Challenge

The challenge this week is to spell out your name using the alphabet exercise guide. You can try your first name, full name, favourite sportspersons name....

Well done to everyone that took part.  





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The 2.6 challenge - Sunday 26th April

This Sunday, 26th April, would have marked the 40th London marathon.  Due to Coronavirus it’s obviously cancelled but charities are setting us a different type of challenge to complete. Therefore we are asking you to show us your ideas of how you can incorporate the numbers 2.6 or 26 into your weekend/next week.

Here are some examples to start you off.



We are all loving the videos and photos that are coming through. Thank you.

Mrs Costen held a headstand for 26 seconds.

Mrs Murr and Miss Razzell walked 26000 steps.

Mr Rickersey read 26 pages of his book, did 26 minutes of colouring and went for a 2.6 mile walk.

Mrs Cowdry and Caitlyn had a 26 minute facial.

Miss Lorentson painted 26 stones ready for when we return to school.

Mrs Bennett walked 2.6km.

Miss Ryan climbed 26 trees.

George went on 3 bike rides over 3 days and rode 26 miles!

Isabelle, Sam, Harper, Lucas and Haiden (to name a few) ran 2.6km, 2.6 miles, 26 times round their garden, up and down their stairs and 26 circuits around their houses.

Mimi and Daisy (to name a few) rode their bikes.

Teddy and Jessica completed 26 burpees.

Theo, Ava and Amelia did 26 star jumps.

Anna challenged herself to 26 headstands.

Evie 26 somersaults on her trampoline.

The list goes on and on.  Thank you to everyone that took part and sorry I couldn’t put everyone’s videos and pictures online.


Still image for this video


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Still image for this video


Still image for this video


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Week 3’s physical activity challenge - how many keep ups can you do?


Well done to everyone who took part in the ‘keep up’ challenge.  Again it was lovely to see a different group of children take part with some using balls and others balloons.


The winners are:


Year R - William Z - 8 keep ups with a balloon

KS1 - Harrison M - Year 2 - 34 with a ball

           Henry V - Year 2 - 70 with a balloon

Lower KS2 - Jude Z - 31

Upper KS2 - Eva P - 22




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Even though we aren’t at school we still love hearing about all of your sporting achievements.
Cara (Year 6) Swimming

Cara has been selected for the Swim England talent development pathway for 11 year olds. Each county selects the top 16 girls and boys in their age category based on their performances at the county championships to join the programme. Cara was one of those children selected and will now attend 3 swim camps throughout the year with the top coaches from the county.  This is a fantastic achievement as it is the first step of the Swim England podium potential system!!! Wow, wow, wow.

Cara - we are really proud of your achievements and we wish you the best of luck with your upcoming camps.  Keep strong and fit during lockdown!!!

Mrs Pegler and Olivia - running

Well done to Mrs Pegler and Olivia who are working hard on their couch to 5km. I know that Mrs Pegler never used to like running but she’s now enjoying it and is feeling ‘great’ after her runs.  Well down to both of you.  Olivia - I cant wait to see you run the FV mile when we are back.

Week 2 - How long can you keep hoola hooping for?

Start with the hoola hoop at your waist.  Keep it spinning around your body for as long as you can.  Stop the clock when your hoop touches the floor.  Good luck everyone.

It’s been lovely to see so many different children take part in this weeks competition.  The winners are:


Milo S - Caterpillars - 5 seconds

Haiden A - KS1 - Year 2 - 1 min 56 secs

Imogen A - Lower KS2 - Year 4 - 7 mins 55 secs

Ava S - Upper KS2 - Year 5 - 4 mins 29 secs


A special mention to Alfie B (Year 4) and Chloe W (Year 1) who were a very close 2nd place in their year groups.


Challenge 3 will be set on Monday 20th April.  Over the next two weeks, keep practicing your skipping and hooping.  


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Still image for this video

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Still image for this video

Staying active at home

Every week whilst we are at home we will send you a physical activity challenge.  All children and teachers can practice as much as they would like to.  Results need to be emailed to the sport@fairview email address by 3:30pm on the Friday of that week.  The winners will be announced in Miss Tilley’s newsletter the following Monday.  Good luck everyone and STAY ACTIVE.

Week 1 - How many skips can you do without stopping?

Thank you to everyone who took part in the skipping competition, the videos really made us smile!

The winners are:


Ben W - FS - 9 skips

Harrison M - Year 2 - 27 skips

Caitlyn C - Lower KS2 - Year 3 - 30 skips

Luke W - Upper KS2 - Year 5 - a whooping 144 skips



3rd place - Mrs Alcock - 57 skips

2nd place - Miss Powell - 170 skips

1st place - Mrs Byrne - 252 skips


Great work everyone.  Look out for activity 2 next week.


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IMG_0237 (1).MP4

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IMG_0247 (1).mp4

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Medway Schools Cross Country League

Unfortunately the cross country league for this academic year has now finished (1 race short) but the results have been collated and I'm pleased to tell you......


Boys team 2nd in Medway

Girls team 2nd in Medway

Combined team 2nd in Medway

Most improved team in Medway

Daniel EJ - 3rd best boy runner in Medway

Eva P - 3rd best girl runner in Medway 

Sam W - 8th in Medway

Sophie S - 8th in Medway


These results are absolutely fantastic! The girls were very close to winning their league. Well done to everyone that took part and ran so well for their team and the school.  You should be very proud of yourselves.

MYG Tag Rugby - Thursday 12th March

What a fantastic day at the MYG Tag Rugby today.  We played 8 games in the cold, wet and hail stones but that didn’t stop us.  We finished the competition in 4th place, winning 7 games and only losing 1. Well done to Kieran, Joe, Nathaniel, Samuel W, Freddie, Eva, Sophie, Brooke and Cara. A marvellous achievement.


Netball vs Luton Junior School (Wednesday 4th March)

We had a busy night on Wednesday with the Year 3/4 team training for the quick sticks hockey festival, the Year 5/6 team training for the MYG tag rugby competition and two netball teams playing a fixture against Luton Junior School.


Our Year 3/4 team played against one of Luton’s Year 5 teams.  With brilliant team work, great passing skills and super defending the team won their game 3-1.  A fabulous result for a team playing a year group older.  Thank you to Miss Gregory for coaching the team on the evening and Charlotte for umpiring. Well done Isla, Rosie, Nancy, Scarlett, Tom, Harry, Rylie and Dylan P.


Thank you and well done to our Year 5/6 selected team who hadn’t played netball together before the match and only lost by 2 goals. Super attacking by Veer, Freddie and Jack, tireless work by Jessica and Cara and some outstanding defending by Chloe saw the game finish 4-6.  Well done team.  Thank you to Kayleigh and Emily (ex Fairview pupils) for coaching and umpiring the team and to all the parents for their support in both games.

Year 5/6 Cross Country Team - Race 3 at St Mary’s Island


Some brilliant results tonight from both the boys and girls in hard running conditions.  The course was very hilly, wet and muddy but everyone dug in and finished.

Both teams had 4 children finish in the top 20 runners.  Our fastest girl was Eva (Yr 6) who came 3rd, and Daniel EJ (Yr 6) who came 12th. Special mention to Izabella and Henry for never giving up and always trying your best! Well done everyone.

Year 3 and 4 Multi Skills Festival

12 children showcased their agility, coordination and balance skills yesterday at the Howard School festival.  This event wasn’t about competing against other schools but instead challenging themselves to achieve a bronze, silver or gold certificate after completing 12 different activities. Well done to Jake T, Oscar, Lucas, Zachary, Jamie, Caitlin, Ella, Rose, Louis, Teddy and Alex for all achieving a silver award and to Jake W for achieving a gold! 

Special mention should go to Rose and Louis for winning the ‘endeavour award’. 

Football fixture v Luton Junior School.


8 selected girls and 9 boys played a friendly fixture on Wednesday against Luton Juniors.  In the freezing wet weather and with never playing together before they won both their matches.  The girls won 17-0 and the boys 11-1.  Well done to both teams for representing Fairview and for some fantastic Team work and goals. Thank you to Mr Wiedeholz for leading the team on the day.


Night of Champions Basketball - Tuesday 25th February

After finishing 8th in the MYG comp in November we were invited to the next stage on the competition on Tuesday where the top 8 schools battled it out to be crowned overall Medway winners. 

We knew the competition  would be tough but with a loss to Hempstead followed by 2 very close games against Lordswood (7-9) and St Thomas More (7-8), the children did themselves and the school proud keeping our 8th place position in Medway. 

Well done Brooke, Eva, Chloe, Sophie, Veer, Luke, Freddie L, Jack T and Timi.

Thank you also to Mr Chudha for giving up his time to come and train the children.

Year 5/6 MYG Table Tennis

Well done to Kieran, Joe, Jack T, Brooke, Hannah and Jessica who were all superb representatives of Fairview School at today’s event. Their effort, determination and skill helped the school achieve 5th place (out of 42) and secure a spot in the Night of Champions event. Throughout the day the children between them played 48 games winning 34! Well done you should all be very proud!

Year 3/4 Sports Hall Athletics
Well done to Will,Alfie, William, Jake T, Jake W, Oscar, Tate, Alex, Samuel, Ella, Bryony, Alyssa, Laila, Ruby, Kitty, Elizabeth, Caitlin and Sophia for representing our school at today’s festival. You all took part in 2 track races and 2 field events in which you showed sheer determination, speed and stamina.
You supported and encouraged each other all morning. You were a credit to our school.



Year 4 Netball MYGO Competition

After only 3/4 training sessions with the Year 4 Netball team, they had a brilliant tournament yesterday finishing 3rd. With 2 wins, 2 draws and 1 loss, we missed out on 2nd place by 2 points.  Well done to Scarlett, Rosie, Isla, Nancy, Harry, Tom, Ryle and Dylan.

Luke (Year 5 Ravens) - Athletics

On Sunday 26th January I travelled to Ashford Stour Centre to take part in an under 11s Kent trials, for Indoor Athletics Decathlon. We had many good competitive opponents and around 100 boys and girls were there.

We were split into groups to do the events and I had boys from Kent, Ashford and Tonbridge Athletics clubs against me.  The competition was very tough but I enjoyed it.

My favourite event was the Triple Jump. The events tested my running, jumping and throwing. Some of the events were javelin, vertical jump, balance test, 10x10m shuttle run, standing long jump, speed bounce, Hi-stepper and chest push.

I am still waiting for the results to find what place I came in the Decathlon.


Well done Luke for representing Fairview and for being so committed to your sport.


Year 5/6 Sports Hall Athletics

Well done to the Year 5/6 Sports Hall Athletics team for running, throwing and jumping their way to success today.  Everyone took part in two running races and two field events whilst being cheered on by the rest of their team.  We finished 9th out of 15 but our best achievement of the day was............. winning the Fair Play Award for being polite, helping each other, supporting their team mates and trying their best at all times. 

Congratulations to Jack T, Emma D, Harriet, Eva, Zac, Abbie, Jessica, Michael, Anna, Samuel, Sophie, Izabella M, Izaak, Oliver P, Luke, Jack L, Evie L and Will T.


MYG Swimming


Well done team Fairview for some fantastic individual and team results at yesterday’s MYG swimming competition. A special mention should go to Cara who finished her 3 races in 2nd, 3rd and 6th place and Emily in 7th, 9th and 21st out of 119 swimmers! Toby, Atay, Harrison N, Harrison C, Cara, Emily F, Jessica and Izabella, you should be very proud of yourselves. You encouraged and supported each other throughout the day and swam like there was no tomorrow! Thank you to Mr Neal also who has given up a lot of his time to help coach the children during school swimming lessons.


Oliver R - Cross Country

Report by Oliver (Year 3).

I decided to take part in the cross country run with the school which was going to be a challenge for me as I don't find running easy.  So over the last few weeks I have been doing lots of training with my Dad and he has helped me to go a bit further and a bit faster each time.  I decided to give myself something to aim for, I would try and raise some money for Children in Need by taking part in this run.  I am a lucky boy and I have a nice home and lovely family but I know not everyone is as lucky as me, which makes me sad.  I thought if I could raise a bit of money it would help to put a smile on their faces too. The challenge was hard for me but I feel proud that I completed it with lots of my friends, but most of all I am really pleased that I beat my target of £100 and in total raised £245 for the charity.


Oliver, this is a fabulous achievement!! Well done.  £245 is a fantastic amount of money to raise for charity.  You should be very proud of yourself for completing the race and in a good time.


Kent Schools Cross Country Championships - Saturday 23rd November

We were very proud of all the children on Saturday at the Kent Schools Cross Country Championships. It was very wet, muddy and cold but every child completed the course and never gave up! We had tears and laughter at the finish line but most of the children seemed to enjoy the experience. The competition is always very high but we achieved some fantastic results.


Well done to Brooke RN, Ruby, Aaron, Freddie N, Jamie R, Jayden, Anna, Izabella, Jessica, Sophie, Luke, Oliver P, Samuel W, Amira, Eleanor, Jasmine, Melody, Nancy, Rosie, Alex W, Alfie, Anil, Dylan P, Freddie S, Haroon, Harrison D, Harry T, Jonny, Liam S, Noah, Rylie, Seb, Sonny, Will, Kitty, Sophia, Victoria, Alfie G, Hudson, Jake T, Louis R, Max S, Oliver R, Ollie, Oscar, Samuel S, Tate, Teddy, Thomas S, Joshua F, Luca, Harry N and Ethan.


A special mention to the top 3 fastest girl runners - Nancy (Year 4 position 49), Kitty (Year 3 position 49) and Sophie (Year 5 position 64)


Top 3 fastest boys  - Samuel (Year 3 position 10), Tate (Year 3 position 24) and Luke (Year 5 position 24)


Highest placed team - the fastest 3 runners in each group get a combined score to put towards a team placing.  Well done to Samuel, Tate and Louis for finishing as a team in 5th place! A brilliant achievement!


Here’s the results if you would like to have a look at where your children came.

Winners of Gillingham FC tickets - Saturday 16th November

Our children enjoying the Gills game on Saturday.

Year 1 and 2 Girls Football

Some girls in Years 1 and 2 have been developing their football skills with Katie Startup (England U21 and Charlton FC) and Millie Waud (Gillingham FC). 

Cara - Swimming Achievements - October 2019

Last month I competed at the Kent Development Gala.  I swam several different strokes over various distances earning 1st place in the 200m Breaststroke and the 200m IM, 5th place in the 100m Freestyle and 6th place in 200m Backstroke.  I also achieved qualifying times for the County Championships in 200m Breaststroke and 200m IM. 

I finished the weekend in 3rd place overall earning an invitation to the Kent Development Camp in 2020.


This is fabulous news Cara - really well done and good luck for your next competition!

Cara was also very fortunate to attend a swim camp with Adam Peaty.  We hope you learnt lots?



MYG Basketball - Tuesday 5th November

What a fantastic day we had yesterday at the MYG Basketball event.  The highlight of our day was winning the first game against Brompton Westbrook 21-0.  With 5 wins and 3 losses we ended up finishing the tournament in 8th place.  Well done to Chloe, Eva, Brooke, Sophie, Timi, Jack T, Luke, Veer and Freddie L.  Night of Champions here we come!!!

Thank you to Mr Hare and Mr Chudha (Veer's Dad) for training the team before the competition.  We will need to continue practicing ready for the 25th February where we will face the other top 7 teams in Medway.



Young Leaders

20 Year 6's have completed their training in the 'Play Maker Award' and are now playing games with the children in Years R, 1 and 2 every lunchtime.  They play a variety of games every day to keep the children active during their lunch hour. 

Olivia in Year R said, 'I like it when they give us stickers.'

Bella in Year R said, 'It's lots of fun because we play Hide and Seek.'


Thank you Joe, Isabel, Owen, Kendra, Libby, Katy, Tia, Grace, Maddy, Barbara, Abigail, Lily, Matilda, Hannah, Hattie, Ruby, Jamie, Max P, Lois and Sulyaman for giving up your time to help the younger years.


Sports Ambassadors

13 Year 6's have also been trained as Sports Ambassadors.  They play sports specific games with the Year 3 and 4 children at lunchtimes on the KS2 playground. 

Tate and Callum gave me their views, 'it's fun learning new sports at lunchtime. The Sports ambassadors keep us fit and healthy.'


Thank you Brooke, Eva, Nathaniel, Kieran, Olly, Jayden, Jack T, Ethan, Jack M, Daniel, Timi, Chloe and Cara for giving up your time to help the Year 3/4's have fun and active lunchtimes.


Mini Hockey Tournament - Thursday 17th October
Having 16 very dedicated children attend hockey club for the past 5 weeks  we decided to finish the term with a mini tournament to showcase their skills to their parents.  4 teams on the evening included a Fairview Blue team, Fairview Black team, Mierscourt School and a team from Anchorians Hockey Club.  The teams all played each other in 8 minute games.  Thank you to all the children for their enthusiasm and to the parents for transporting them to Anchorians every week.
Medway Schools Cross Country League - race 2 - Wednesday 16th October
In wet conditions and only a week after their exploits at Kingfisher School, 20 children made the shorter trip to Thamesview to compete on a flatter but longer course. The children again were a credit to the school with their drive and determination with both the boys and girls team results being in the top 5 schools. Stand out performances go to Eva and Daniel who finished 3rd and 4th respectively.

Medway Schools Cross Country League

The first race of the league saw us at Kingfisher Primary School.  With a very hilly course we ran our socks off and finished with some fantastic results. Daniel finished 3rd, Luke 4th and Samuel 9th - 3 boys in the top 10 is absolutely brilliant.  And in the girls race - Eva finished 4th, Sophie 13th, Anna 19th and Jessica 20th - 4 girls in the top 20 is a marvellous achievement too.  Thank you and well done to everyone that took part. 

I will see you at Thamesview next Wednesday for race 2.

Mini Youth Games Hockey- Tuesday 15th October
Well done to  Esta, Eva, Mimi, Sophie, Dexter, Isaac, Oliver P, Olly and Toby who represented Fairview in the 49 school competition. The children performed admirably and were great ambassadors for the school. In an extremely difficult group they achieved a record of 3 wins, 3 draws and 2 loses (both by the closest of 1-0 margins), scoring 14 goals and only conceding 6, the highlight being a 5-1 win against a strong Cliffe Woods team. These excellent results saw Fairview place 10th, narrowly missing out on qualification for the Medway 'Night of Champions' 


PTFA Thank You.

The PE staff and children would like to thank the PTFA for their kind generosity in supplying us with 15 team rain jackets - 12 for the children and 3 for staff.  The children looked super smart at the MYG competition this week and I know all the children were proud to be wearing them.  Thank you.

Year 3/4 Tri-Golf Festival - 3rd October

Our Tri-Golf team participated in the first Tri Golf festival of the year on Thursday, they did fantastically well and came 11th overall.

Report by Teddy:

On Thursday I took place in the Tri-Golf Festival at the Howard School. We got to compete against other schools in Medway.

My favourite part was chipping the ball over the bench and into the bucket.

Everyone tried their best throughout the morning.

I really enjoyed going to the Tri-Golf after school after school club and learning different skills about golf.

Medway Football Team Squad Members

What a successful year for Fairview - 5 children have been selected to represent Medway - what an achievement!! 


Well done to Brooke (Year 5) and Eva (Year 6) who have been selected to play for the Medway Under 11's girls team.


And to Daniel, Joshua and Kieran who have been selected to represent Medway Under 11's boys teams





Mrs Sheppard - Run Disney Experience - October 2019

Thank you Fairview Mile -  part 3

 Just last month I was lucky enough to go on my 3rd  run Disney weekend at Disneyland Paris, where, along with my husband, I enjoyed taking part in their Friday night 5k, the Saturday morning 10k, and the Sunday morning half marathon (21k). What a privilege to run through the theme parks (and for the half marathon also into the local community) with about 9,000 runners in each race.


3 years ago when the Fairview Mile was introduced I was a reluctant participant, who along with many in my class, needed to run/walk  the mile until I gradually built up my stamina to be able to run the whole mile. I then discovered I enjoyed running, joined the local parkrun … and kept running.  This year training didn’t go as smoothly as I’d hoped, but working through injuries to complete the 3 races and the 36k Challenge left me with a greater sense of achievement, as I’d experienced bad times as well as good times.


Thank you again Fairview Mile for helping me to become fitter and healthier; and for the new memories I made that weekend.

Mrs Sheppard 


Mrs Sheppard, you are a superstar!!






Fairview Mile


Fairview is the first school in Medway to sign up to a commitment for every child to walk / run a mile each week. Here are some pictures from our first week.


Read about it at Kent Online: