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Remote Learning

On this page you will find the provision that we are making for learning at home. During a school closure or a period of isolation we expect and hope that all children will engage with learning via their Google Classroom. 


Carefully planned learning sequences and resources, created appropriately and accessibly for our Google Classroom platform, allow children to build on their prior knowledge. Children are encouraged to engage in learning across the curriculum, reflect on their learning and consider the strategies they will use when they find content challenging.  


Daily teaching is supported through the creation of well-planned lessons. Lessons are developed in a number of ways.

  • The development of a ‘Loom video’ by teachers. A Loom video enables children to watch high quality teaching of curriculum concepts, with plenty of opportunities for children to pause the video to apply learning before moving on.
  • The teacher conducting live sessions (Google Meets) at a specified time of the day.
  • The use of nationally recognised lessons and activities offered by platforms such as The National Oak Academy and BBC Bite Size to name a few.  

Research by the Education Endowment Fund (EEF) further supports the approach of providing a time when children can meet live and see their peers as a way of motivating and engaging them. For this reason, children have twice-weekly Google Meet sessions. These offer the opportunity for the teacher to arrange activities linked to the curriculum as well as activities to support children’s emotional well-being.   


Each day, children or parents are required to register their attendance on the Google Classroom.  Teachers also upload videos which set out learning for the day – any questions can be asked via the class stream or privately to the member of staff supporting each day.  

We have set out our expectation of how long lessons and tasks should take.  The majority of lessons have a pre-recorded video element alongside a task for the children to complete. 


The key to high quality teaching is feedback. Whether the lesson is a pre-recorded one, or the teacher is supporting the children live, our staff are present on Google Classroom responding to questions from children and parents. In addition to this, feedback may be sent directly to your child via a Google Classroom message, or through a pre-recorded feedback session to the class or group, or indeed through unpicking the misconceptions during the following day’s lesson. 

‘Turning in’ learning on the Google Classroom shows us that learning has been completed. If they or you are able to, please attach the learning they have completed using a photograph or a Google document, then teachers and support staff will be available to discuss learning and feedback during the school day via the Google Classroom messaging function.  


Alongside the suggested timings for each year group we have set out links to other resources.  Some are specifically set up for home-schooling and support the curriculum.  Others, like Times Table Rockstars or Spelling Shed, support the learning that we do in lessons and are a great daily activity.  


Additional activities and questions may be put onto the ‘Stream’ by teachers at different times during the week.   


If for any reason your child becomes unwell, do let us know so that we do not expect them to be available for their learning.   


If we can support with any of the above, please contact us via the school office (  


We have tried, where possible, to ensure that the lessons delivered via the Google Classroom mirror what takes place in school. The lessons provide opportunities for direct teaching and modelling, and opportunities for the children to undertake independent tasks and practice.  

Top tips to support remote learning:  

  • Set a schedule and make it work for you. Whilst we have provided an example of timings, where possible take the time to make it work for you and your family;  
  • Ensure children log in, register their attendance and watches the daily video, as these will provide them with a structure that engages them for the day;  
  • Ensure you have any resources you may need for the learning – please ask if you need support with this;  
  • Whilst we understand it is difficult in a busy family home, where possible ensure the environment is conducive to learning;  
  • Don’t be tempted to do the learning for them! Help them to understand and let them submit their errors so that so that the teacher can pick up and address the key misconceptions in their feedback;  
  • Encourage a growth mindset, praise effort and encourage perseverance;  
  • Keep the communication between home and school going; 
  • Ensure your child has regular rest breaks away from the screen;  
  • Don’t let remote learning, stop you doing the usual fun family things together. 

The following resources may be useful for all children.