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Film Club



Film Club runs after school on alternate weeks for children in Years 4-6. We watch a range of films and discuss these. Children are the encouraged to upload a written review to the Film Club website. On this page we will feature reviews as well as other film information. 


Film Club Dates

In 2019/20 Film Club will be starting in Term 2. Letters to be sent home soon!


News from Film Club....


  • Film Club will be starting again soon.

Previously we have watched.....

Previously we have watched..... 1

Review of the Week

Congratulations to Belle (Year 4) for her review of Kiki's Delivery Service.


It was ok because there was this girl who was a witch. She went on a magic broom and flew to a big city, it was full of people. she found a lady who runs a bakery. The lady was kind, she let Kiki (the girl) have her own delivery service. I like when she saves a boy from falling off a piece of string coming off a Zeppelin. I think that at the start when Kiki's parents are shown, there should have been a bit more of a description of them. I think that my cousins, Ewan and Emma would like this film because it has a lovely cartoon animation and it is a bit funny as well.


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