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Film Club



Film Club runs after school on alternate weeks for children in Years 4-6. We watch a range of films and discuss these. Children are the encouraged to upload a written review to the Film Club website. On this page we will feature reviews as well as other film information. 


Film Club Dates - Term 2

Friday 15th November

Friday 22nd November

Friday 13th December


Into Film Festival cinema trip

Tuesday 19th November. Film Club members only!


Film Festival Review Form Competition Entry

News from Film Club....


  • Film Club is starting in Term 2. We currently have 25 members from Years 4,5 and 6. Talk to Mr Halls if you would like to join - everyone in these year groups is welcome. This year we will again be running our badge scheme. Can you earn all six badges across the year?

Previously we have watched.....

Previously we have watched..... 1

Review of the Week

Congratulations to Belle (Year 4) for her review of Kiki's Delivery Service.


It was ok because there was this girl who was a witch. She went on a magic broom and flew to a big city, it was full of people. she found a lady who runs a bakery. The lady was kind, she let Kiki (the girl) have her own delivery service. I like when she saves a boy from falling off a piece of string coming off a Zeppelin. I think that at the start when Kiki's parents are shown, there should have been a bit more of a description of them. I think that my cousins, Ewan and Emma would like this film because it has a lovely cartoon animation and it is a bit funny as well.


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