Fairview Community Primary School


Zebras - Outdoor Learning

For outdoor learning day Zebras found out about Richard Long, an English artist, who is one of the best known 'Land artists'. He goes for walks and records what he sees using 'wordart'. Then sets it out in interesting ways. We looked at two of his pieces, ‘White light walk’ and ‘One hour and used them to inspire us.


We went for a walk around Fairview School grounds and recorded our experience in different ways.

Look at some of the photographs of our wordart walk. We will publish our poems soon!

Our wordart walk

Our wordart walk 1
Our wordart walk 2
Our wordart walk 3
Our wordart walk 4
Our wordart walk 5
Our wordart walk 6
Our wordart walk 7
Our wordart walk 8
Our wordart walk 9



We have been working hard to improve our drawing skills by sketching our own portraits. We built it up bit by bit. Firstly, we focused on proportions and created guidelines for our different features. Then we added detail starting with our eyes, then our nose (which was extremely tricky!), our mouth and then our hair. Lastly, we added more shading to really bring our portraits to life.

We have had lots of fun this week building buggies. We had to make a frame, measuring, sawing and joining the wooden batons. then add wheels, axels and a pulley. We created electrical circuits and invented our own switches so we could turn them on and off again. then we designed and made the body of the buggy. Finally, it was time to race them on the playground.


A selection of our wonderful world book day hats - can you identify the books they represent?

WW2 trip to Kent Life

We had a wonderful time at Kent Life on our trip to find out about life in World War Two. The children and staff looked fantastic in their costumes and the Kent Life staff were excellent.




"It was a fantastic experience to be able to see real WW2 artefacts." Charlotte

"It was a blast to the past!" Fern and Isabel

"It was an enjoyable day with many facts learnt along the way." Millie

"Everything about the trip was interesting and enjoyable." James

"It was a fun trip to the past" Danny

"This really took me back in time and it was amazing." Katie

"We really learned what it was like to be an evacuee!" Jack H

Fairview on Film