Fairview Community Primary School

Year Three

Welcome to Year Three!


Welcome to the Year 3 page - here you will find all the information you need about the year group and can keep up to date on all of our exciting learning!


Our Year 3 Classes:

Our Year 3 Classes: 1 Wolves - Mr Rickersey & Mrs. Johnstone
Our Year 3 Classes: 2 Foxes - Mrs. Cunningham & Mrs. Smith
Our Year 3 Classes: 3 Hedgehogs - Miss Carmichael & Mrs Shanks

The Wolves Team:

The Wolves Team: 1 Mr. Rickersey - Class Teacher
The Wolves Team: 2 Mrs. Johnstone - TA

The Hedgehogs Team

The Hedgehogs Team 1 Miss Carmichael - Class Teacher
The Hedgehogs Team 2 Mrs Shanks - TA
The Hedgehogs Team 3 Mrs Sandu - Playleader

The Foxes Team:

The Foxes Team: 1 Miss Dale - Class Teacher
The Foxes Team: 2 Mrs Smith - TA
The Foxes Team: 3 Mrs Foster - TA
The Foxes Team: 4 Mrs Broad - Playleader

Year 3 Curriculum Overview

Year 3 Theme Home Learning Projects

Useful Websites:

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