Fairview Community Primary School

Year Five

Year 5 Staff

Year 5 Staff 1 Mr Halls (Year 5 Leader / Owls Class Teacher)
Year 5 Staff 2 Mrs Armstrong (Owl Class TA)
Year 5 Staff 3 Mrs Murr (Owl Class Playleader)
Year 5 Staff 4 Mrs Carter (Puffin Class Teacher
Year 5 Staff 5 Mrs Bloore (Puffin Class TA)
Year 5 Staff 6 Mrs Walsh (Puffin Class Playleader)
Year 5 Staff 7 Mr Hammett (Woodpecker Class Teacher)
Year 5 Staff 8 Mrs Hitchcock (Woodpecker Class TA)

Pictures to follow for these staff:



Mrs Holliday (TA)

Mrs Humphrey (Playleader)



Mrs Biginton (TA)


Residential Lost Property - please claim items from Mrs Hurst's office before Friday 22nd September.  Anything unclaimed by then will go to Cash for Clothes.  Thank you.



Residential 2017

Year 5 have started the year with a short residential trip to Arethusa Venture Centre in Rochester. It is a chance for us to get to know each other and try lots of different activities. Here's what we have been getting up to...

Picture 1 Orienteering
Picture 2 Orienteering
Picture 3 Orienteering
Picture 4 Orienteering
Picture 5 Orienteering
Picture 6 Orienteering
Picture 7 Everyone has been orienteering!
Picture 8 In the adventure playground
Picture 9 In the adventure playground
Picture 10 Orienteering piggyback
Picture 1 We got muddy!
Picture 1 Listening to the instructor
Picture 2 Playing 'Stealth' in the woods
Picture 3 Mud slide
Picture 4 High ropes
Picture 5 Mud slide
Picture 6 High ropes instruction
Picture 7 Leap of faith
Picture 8 Monkey bars - high up
Picture 9 Climbing the leap of faith
Picture 10 Leap of faith
Picture 11 High Ropes - high wire
Picture 1 Relaxing after the high ropes
Picture 1 Team challenges - pass the hoop
Picture 2 Team challenges - tower puzzle
Picture 3 Archery
Picture 4 Archery
Picture 5 Team challenges - X and 0 races
Picture 6 Archery
Picture 7 Team challenges - river crossing
Picture 8 Team challenges - river crossing
Picture 9 Woodlend walk
Picture 10 Woodland walk
Picture 11 High ropes
Picture 12 High ropes
Picture 13 Coming off the high ropes
Picture 14 Woodpecker class made friends with a lizard!
Picture 1 Archery
Picture 2 Archery
Picture 1 River walk - skimming pebbles
Picture 1 Watching a boat being launched
Picture 1 Camp fire
Picture 2 Camp fire
Picture 1 Swimming - water polo
Picture 2 Swimming
Picture 3 Rocket building
Picture 4 Rocket building
Picture 5 Rocket building team
Picture 6 Rocket building team
Picture 7 Rocket building team
Picture 8 Rocket building team
Picture 9 Rocket building team
Picture 10 Rocket building team
Picture 11 Rocket building team
Picture 12 Rocket building team
Picture 13 Rocket building team
Picture 14 Rocket building team
Picture 15 Rocket launch!
Picture 1 Rocket launch!
Picture 1 We had a good time.....
Picture 1 .... we had a great time!

Meet & Greet Presentation

Year 5 Curriculum Overview

Home Learning Project

Recommended Reading Book List

Web Links

Below are some useful web links that you and your child can use at home. Please let us know if you find any useful websites that we can share with other children and parents in the year group!

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Term 6 Bug Workshop! 7
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