Fairview Community Primary School

Who's Who


Headteacher Deborah Willis
Deputy Headteacher / KS2 Leader Delia Cooper
Assistant Headteacher (Inclusion) Sue Webb
Acting Foundation Stage Leader Aimee Davies
Year 2 Leader Selina Rossiter
School Business Manager Julie Trundle
Pastoral Support Manager Katherine Hurst
Administrative Assistant Julie Panton
Administrative Assistant Wendy Dohertry
Lunchtime Receptionist Alison Shanks

Class Organisation 2016 – 2017

Year Group


Teaching Assistants

Play Leader

Nursery Caterpillars

Bethan Trenerry

Hayley Packham/
Karen Morgan


YR Bumblebees

Sara Hooton

Belinda Liffen

Margaret Rumsey

YR Dragonflies

Leah Lorentson

Wendy Barnes

Nic Saxby

YR Ladybirds

Aimee Davies
Year Group Leader

Alison Alcock

Julie Kaur

Y1 Dolphins

Jen Anderson/
Sam Digby
Year Group Leader

Karen Morgan

Rebecca Stirzaker

Y1 Penguins

Kelly Brown/
Mandy Hammett

Sue Martin

Lynsey Burton

Y1 Starfish

Carla Ambrose/
Christina Abbott

Ruth Beattie

Viki Inanli

Y2 Leopards

Hilary Sheppard

Julie Stone

Julie Stone

Y2 Lions

Danielle Deacon

Lisa Byrne

Lisa Byrne

Y2 Tigers

Selena Rossiter
Year Group Leader

Karen Stoddart

Sylvia Gill  

Y3 Foxes

Courtney Dale

Penny Smith

Louise Broad

Y3 Hedgehogs

Louisa Carmichael

Alison Shanks

Kamaldeep Sandhu

Y3 Wolves

Scott Rickersey
Year Group Leader

Lesley Johnstone

Kerrie Maunder

Y4 Sharks

Rosie Carter

Lynn Merriman

Lyn Tandy

Y4 Stingrays

Lucy Cassell

Janet Nutley

Tracy Wilson

Y4 Turtles

Sally Crowley
Year Group Leader

Natasha Beazleigh

Lynne Burgess

Y5 Owls

Robin Halls
Year Group Leader

Claire Armstrong 

Debbie Murr and Clare Hemmise

Y5 Puffins

Crystal Powell

Kerry Wood

Debbie Murr and Clare Hemmise

Y5 Woodpeckers

Philip Hammett

Suzanne Hitchcock

Debbie Murr and Clare Hemmise

Y6 Crocodiles

Cameron Straughan

Debbie Bloore

Rebecca Mitchell

Y6 Giraffes

Dawn Fassum
Year Group Leader

Nikkii Griffith

Jenny Walsh

Y6 Zebras

Alison Costen

Marina Chapman

Debbie Bishop


Carla Ambrose returns from maternity leave on 21 December 2016 and will teach Starfish with Christina Abbott

Rosie Carter is currently on maternity leave


PPA and NQT Release, Interventions and Curriculum Support

Jane Ah Thew

James Hare

Claire Parker

Alison Burgess

Janice Holliday

Erica Pope

Lynne Burgess

Paul Horsman

Jill Rainsbury

Lisa Cook

Lyn Killick

Kerry Searle

Emma Downs

Charlotte Lee

Stephanie Stanton

Nikkii Griffith

Elaine Malet

Wendy Whittington

Ann Foster

KT Medlock




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