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End of term 3 house point competition- Multi Skills

This week saw the children take part in the end of term multi skills competition. The children took part in numerous multi skills activities to try and earn points for their house. The results are as follows...


1st place- Goliath- 531

2nd place- Victory- 529

3rd place- Ocelot- 526

4th place- Phoenix- 470


Congratulations to Goliath!!!!!!!


These results have been added to the result from our previous house point competition to decide our overall winner for term 3....


1st place- Victory- 1413

2nd place- Ocelot- 1302

3rd place- Phoenix- 1210

4th place- Goliath- 1159


Congratulations to Victory!!!!!

A big well done to everyone for participating in the house competition and for earning points for your house!




Football League Fixture

Thursday 7th February 2019 saw the school football team take on a strong Parkwood junior school. With most the team suffering from illness or injury some new faces had to be called upon. Big thanks to Joshua Wiseman and Ryan Crofts for stepping up on such short notice and both playing very well in the game. Unfortunately the final result was a 3-0 loss however with only 7 players and no subs the boys worked really hard and did not deserve to lose by that score line. Big well done to all the players involved and we look forward to the next match.

Mr Hare 

Izabella - Year 4


Well done to Izabella for winning the Sports for Schools colouring competition linked to our Gianni visit.  Beautiful colouring Izabella, well done.

Year 5/6 MYG Swimming


On Thursday, our Fairview team (pictured below) took part in the MYG Swimming event at Medway Park. This year, we had a very strong set of swimmers in our team and came 9th out of 46, which is a brilliant result! I hear we won the medley relay by half a length, which is an incredible achievement! Well done everyone and to Mr Bodkin and Mr Hare for supporting you, and to Mr Ryan with all his help with swimming so far this year. Thank you.


Report from Cara and Emily: “On Thursday, we went to MYG Swimming. We each had 3 races to swim and we were nervous but excited for the day to begin! We won many races, including the medley, and came 2nd in the freestyle. Overall we came 9th and we had lots of fun!”


Year 5/6 Sports Hall Athletics - Tuesday 15th January


Naveen D reporting: “On Tuesday, 15 January, myself, Emma De, Emma Du, Isobel, Esme, Eva, Faith, Amber, Cara, Jack, Lucas, Toby, Arron, Jack, Ryan, Aaron and Ethan went to the Y5 & Y6 Sports Hall Athletics Festival. We all participated in 2 running events (such as relay, obstacle course and under and over) and two field events (including vertical jump, speed bounce, chest push and long jump). After that we had the team and Fair Play awards. Overall, we came 11tout of 15 in the morning competition. I really enjoyed the Athletics Festival and loved doing all of the activities.” Naveen, Y6. Overall, Fairview came a very respectable 19 out of 30 schools, so well done team!


Poppy (Year 5) and Kitty (Year 2) - Running


Kitty and Poppy have earned their first wristband for completing a half-marathon’s worth of parkruns. They run every Sunday morning with around 50 other 4-14 year olds. Blue wristbands and membership of the half-marathon club are awarded after 11 parkruns. The girls are now aiming for the marathon club and a green wristband for 21 runs, and one day hope to join the ultra-marathon club and get an orange wristband for completing 50 parkruns. The Medway junior parkrun is held every Sunday (whatever the weather) at 9:30am at The Strand in Gillingham. It’s free to enter and a great way to make the Fairview Medway Mile that little bit easier.


Well done Kitty and Poppy!

Cara Year 5 Swimming Achievements

I am Cara from Owls class and I swim for Black Lion Swimming club. In October, I competed at the club championships where I won 5 medals: Bronze in the 50m freestyle, Silver in both the 100m breastroke and 100m backstroke and Gold in both the 50m breastroke and 100m freestyle.

Then, in November, I competed against swimmers from other clubs around Kent at the Winter Open. I swam 5 personal bests in my 5 races, winning 3 medals for placing 6th in 50m freestyle, 5th in 100m breastroke and 4th in 50m breastroke. I am now looking forward to winning more medals in next year’s competitions.

Well Done Cara from Mrs Searle, Mr Hare and Mr Bodkin

End of term 2 Intra House Fairview Mile Competition

This week Fairview are participating in a intra house competition fro year R to Year 6 to determine the overall house winners for term. In each class we are looking for the fastest 3 girls and boys which can earn some house points this term. Whoever places 1st place will receive 15 points for their house in 2nd place will receive 10 points and 3rd place will receive 5 points. At the end of the term the house points will be added up the School Sport Organising Crew Sports Statistician and the house that wins will be announced in assembly. Good Luck everyone!

Mavia SSOC Reporter

MYG Badminton - Thursday 22nd November

Last Thursday, our MYG team competed in the Badminton event at Medway Park. Here is Accalia’s report of the day!

“Naveen, Jessica, Jayden, Tom, James and I attended the Badminton Mini Youth Games. We came 21st out of 42 schools. The boys’ team won 80 points, the girls’ team won 53 points and the mixed team won 84 points. Mr Hare and Mr Bodkin came along and supervised us. We played 8 games.

Each team got to play in every game. We won overall against Miers Court! We all tried our best and we all had so much fun! We had up to 20 minutes break in between the games. We would either relax or play games. The hall was very big. There was a practising area and in the other room, they played games.“ 

Well done to the badminton team - sounds like you had fun.

Kent Schools Cross Country - Saturday 17th November


Well done to the 40 children that took part in Saturday’s Kent School Cross Country Championships in Detling, a very tough course full of mud with strong competition from schools that specialise in cross country but the children were still not put off!  They ran their socks off from the start to finish and completed their races with some good positions. Our biggest achievement came from Luke W, year 4, finishing 11th out of 160 boys.  Thank you to all the children and parents for supporting the event and especially to Mrs Turner who helped hand out numbers and chip timers to the children, thank you.


'It was an early start on Saturday 17th November and after a warm up with Mrs Searle we were about to go and get ready in our positions when all of a sudden it was a mad rush to get to the start line.  When we started lots of people fell over and I was glad I stayed on my feet.  There were roughly 160 people in my race and it was 1200m long.  The course was slippery and hard work.  I gave it 100% I was glad I finished it and got home for a hot chocolate.'  Brooke Turner, Year 4.


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Young Leaders

Young leaders have had their training with Mrs Searle. Their role in school consists of leading fun activities and games for children in years 1&2. This is a good opportunity for the young leaders to gain experience in leading and good for the children to allow them to have more activities at lunch time. Thanks to Shana, Natalia, Holly, Sienna H, Mia, Lauren, Sienna B, Poppy, Lily, Amber, Beatrice, Sean, Sophie, Scarlett, Safa, Aaizah, Faith and Savannah.


Sports Ambassador

Sport Ambassadors have had their training with Mr Hare. The role they have in the school is to provide games at lunchtimes for children in years 3 and 4. They lead games such as Football, Basketball and Cricket etc. Thanks to Joshua H, Emma D, Alexander, Naveen, Otega, Oliver A, Bridey-Louise, Jessica H and Cullam for the all the time that you devote to your role.


Cross Country at Kingfisher – Tuesday 2 October

We have a number of Mo Farah's in the making in our year 5/6 Cross Country team after last Tuesday’s race. Well done to the whole team on completing that tough 1.5km run - Naveen, Sophie S, Brooke, Pepper, Cara, Eva, Barbara, Daniel, Joshua W, Max H, Olly, Freddie, Harry P and Harry l. The girls’ team are currently in 3rd place in the Medway Schools’ League and the boys in 8th place. Looking forward to seeing you all run again on 16 October at Thamesview!


Year 3 and 4 Tri Golf – Thursday 4 October

Congratulations to the Year 3/4 Tri golf team on coming 2nd in last week’s festival. Mr Bodkin and I watched your skills develop as the morning went on. We will now represent Medway in the Kent school games in June. Well done to Luca, Sebastian, Freddie L, belle, Hannah, Isabella, Chloe, James, Abbie B, Lennon, George W and Sofia. Abbie B said she, ‘thoroughly enjoyed the day and is looking forward to the next competition in June.’


Cross country – Tuesday 16 October

Another excellent performance from the Cross Country team at Thames View Primary. After 2 races, the girls are currently 2nd (out of 20 teams) and boys are in 7th out of 24, so there is everything to play for at the next 2 races in March next year!


Medway District Football Team

Three of our Year 5&6 boys have been selected to play for the Medway District team. It was a very gruelling process so a big congratulations to Daniel E-J Year 5, Joshua F Year 5 and Joshua W Year 6.

“I was excited to be selected together with a few other boys from Fairview for Medway District football trials. The first trial was on Saturday, 16 June from 10am to 4pm. The trial consisted of a number of drills and matches. We were told there would be a second trial with a reduced number of boys. On 20 June, I had heard I had made the second trial, which was on 10 July. We completed more challenges, drills and matches. On 13 July I found out I had made it to the 3rd trial! This involved playing against an under 11 team. We won 7-6! It was then a waiting game to see if I had made the squad. Two days later, I was thrilled that Josh and I had made the final squad of 11 boys who will represent Medway District under 10’s for this season.” Daniel Year 5



MYG Hockey – Thursday 18 October

‘On Thursday 18th October we went to the Mini Youth Games to play Hockey at Holcombe Hockey club. There was a group of boys and girls they all tried their hardest and had lots of fun there. I personally think this was a great experience for people that have never played hockey before as all of us enjoyed it. We played some very good teams but we all played very well so we didn’t get beaten heavily. In this tournament we scored 3 very good goals and they were score by Luke and Mikey’. Luke Year 6

Final position – 27th out of 47

Fair play position – 11th out of 47


Visit from Gianni Frankis a GB Athlete – Friday 19 October

Last Friday the whole school took part in a sponsored event at school. We were privileged to have GB athlete Gianni Frankis visit us for the day.

‘On Friday 19th October, Fairview Community Primary School was treated to a visit from Great Britain hurdler Gianni Frankis. In the morning each year group took turns to do a fitness circuit. It consisted of four activities: spotty dogs, leg drives, push ups and star jumps. We had fun doing the activities and cheering on the other classes in my year. At the end of the day, Gianni gave a talk where he told us about his experiences and how he had to overcome obstacles and persevere to become the professional athlete that he is now. After this he picked a girl and a boy from each year group to have a go at the hurdles before giving the staff the same opportunity! I really enjoyed Gianni’s visit and hope that another athlete could come and do some different activities with us in the future’. Naveen Year 6


After the event:

Let's start with some wonderful news! This week like many others I have been immensely proud to be part of Fairview. I can confirm the Sponsor Circuit with Gianni Frankis' event raised a staggering £6,544.80, what an excellent achievement by all of our children, parents, families and friends. Never did I expect to raise such a substantial sum. Thank you all for your amazing support. Approximately £3000 will be going to help under privileged Athletes train and £3000 will be spent on improving PE facilities/equipment in school. With this in mind I would like to invite the 11 top fundraisers for squash and biscuits to help me decide how we will spend the money. Well done to the following children - Jude (Lions), Chloe (Ladybirds), Harrison (Sharks), Esta (Woodpeckers), Holly (Hummingbirds), Betsy (Hedgehogs), Rylie (Hedgehogs), Alexander (Tigers), Teddy (Tigers), Leah (Dragonflies) and Vaidehi (Leopards). Every child who raised sponsorship money can award themselves 5 House Points and the highest fundraisers 20 house points. Thank you again.



MYG Basketball – Thursday 1 November

Last week, our MYG team competed in the MYG Baskbetball event. Here is Emma’s report of the day. ‘Alex, James, Tom, Oliver, Jack, Timi, Eva, Ruby, Lana and I went to the MYG Basketball to represent the school. We all enjoyed it thoroughly, we played 8 tiring matches. Through much disappointment and excitement we tied in some games and won a game. The other teams played well and we were all good sportsmen. In the end, we can 20th out of 37, even if we were disappointed with some of our results, we had fun and tried our best!

Fair Play position – 6th out of 37 – Well done team Fairview


Thank you Fairview Mile – Part 2 – Mrs Sheppard

Just 2 years ago Fairview introduced the new School Mile – which was 3 laps of the school field. At the time I couldn’t run around the field once without stopping, but along with my class we walked and ran the route until we could do the full 1 mile. Then this time last year I ran with members of my family at the Disneyland Paris Magic Run Weekend and did the 5k run. What an amazing experience that was.

The opportunity then came for me to run again this year – and I decided to up the challenge and signed up to run the 5k, the 10k and the Half Marathon! Training was not always easy, but running began to become something I looked forward to doing. Around a year ago, Mrs Searle and Mr Hare put details of the local 5k Parkrun in the school newsletter and I looked up the details and decided to go and now I run most Saturdays with my husband. That has really helped improve my running stamina.

Then when this year’s Magic Run weekend arrived, there were over 7,000 runners taking part in each race. How wonderful it felt running with them and pushing myself to achieve my goal. I surprised myself and managed to run all 3 races alongside my husband. All the training and hard work had helped me achieve something amazing and it left me feeling empowered – to know that we can achieve more then we think if we put in the time and effort.

Thank you Mrs Searle, Mr Hare and the Fairview Mile for helping me to get fit which has allowed me to have more wonderful running experiences.

Mrs Sheppard



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Fairview Mile


Fairview is the first school in Medway to sign up to a commitment for every child to walk / run a mile each week. Here are some pictures from our first week.


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