Fairview Community Primary School


Term 5 

Working Scientifically 


We perform an investigation to answer the following question.

'How do you stop an egg from breaking?'

Each group created a 'cushion' and then dropped an egg from 60 cm onto the cushion. We had lots of fun!

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Science Day 


On Science Day, the children took part in a geyser experiment. They choose and tested four different drinks to see which would make the best geyser. After placing 5 Mentos into each drink bottle, the children observed what happened. 


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Our Results


The Cherryade had the quickest and biggest reaction but it didn't last very long.

The Diet Coke had the second quickest reaction and this lasted longer. 

The Fanta had the third quickest reaction but not much came out and it didn't last very long. 

There was no change to the water. 


Why did this happen? 

Fizzy drinks contain a gas, Carbon Dioxide. This gas is forced into drinks bottles under pressure during the bottling process. When you take the lid off the bottle, the gas slowly escapes. The Mentos speeds up the process by helping the gas form bubbles in the drink. The surface of the sweet has places for bubbles to form. The rougher the sweet the more places there are. Since the sweet sinks to the bottom of the container, the gas bubbles must rise through the liquid. If there is enough gas trying to escape, it forces some of the liquid out of the bottle. The pressure is similar to a geyser going off. 

Term 2 - Electricity

Making circuits using different components.

Term 1 - Sound

Sound Song

Astrodome Science Workshop

Film & Podcasts