Fairview Community Primary School


Welcome to Reception!

We hope your children have all settled in well and are enjoying making new friends and learning new things.


We are all looking forward to the year ahead!

Come and meet the staff in Reception...

Picture 1 Miss Davies - Ladybirds Class Teacher
Picture 2 Mrs Alcock- Ladybirds Teaching Assistant
Picture 3 Mrs Kaur - Ladybirds Play Leader
Picture 4 Miss Hooton - Bumblebees Class Teacher
Picture 5 Mrs Liffen - Bumblebess Teaching Assistant
Picture 6 Mrs Pegler- Bumblebees Play Leader
Picture 7 Miss Trenerry- Dragonflies Teacher
Picture 8 Mrs Barnes- Dragonflies Teaching Assistant
Picture 9 Mrs Burgess- Dragonflies Play Leader

Meet Our Class Mascots...

Picture 1 Lottie - Offical Ladybirds Class Mascot
Picture 2 Buddy - Offical Bumblebees Class Mascot
Picture 3 Diesel - Official Dragonflies Class Mascot


Curriculum Overview

High Frequency Words - Set 1

Curriculum Workshop Presentation

Our Golden Rules

In Reception we try hard to follow our 'Golden Rules':

- We have kind hands and feet.

- We look after our class resources, share the toys and take turns.

- We listen to our adults.

- We sit nicely and put our hand up to speak on the carpet.

- We always try our best.

- We use walking feet indoors.

- We use indoor voices in the classroom.


Film & Podcasts