Fairview Community Primary School

House Points

House Captains 2018 - 2019


Well done to the following children who have been selected to be this years house captains.


House Captain Vice Captain
Goliath Amber C Oliver A
Ocelot Mavia M Max B
Phoenix Alexander J Grace F
Victory Emma D Otega E-S


End of Term 4 Speed Stacking competition

Towards the end of Term 4 the children took part in their speed stacking competition to win points for their house. A big well done for all the children for taking part. The results are as follows....


Speed Stacking Results

4th place-- 325 points-- Phoenix

3rd place-- 329 points-- Goliath

2nd place-- 353 points-- Ocelot

1st place-- 367 points-- Victory


Overall House winners for Term 4

4th place-- 1696-- Goliath

3rd place-- 1786-- Phoenix

2nd place-- 1859-- Ocelot

1st place-- 1976-- Victory

End of term 3 house point competition- Multi Skills

This week saw the children take part in the end of term multi skills competition. The children took part in numerous multi skills activities to try and earn points for their house. The results are as follows...


1st place- Goliath- 531

2nd place- Victory- 529

3rd place- Ocelot- 526

4th place- Phoenix- 470


Congratulations to Goliath!!!!!!!


These results have been added to the result from our previous house point competition to decide our overall winner for term 3....


1st place- Victory- 1413

2nd place- Ocelot- 1302

3rd place- Phoenix- 1210

4th place- Goliath- 1159


Congratulations to Victory!!!!!

A big well done to everyone for participating in the house competition and for earning points for your house!


End of Term 2 House Point Winners


1st - Victory - 1085

2nd - Phoenix - 964

3rd - Ocelot - 962

4th - Goliath - 891


Well done team Victory!!



  End of Term 2 Fairview Mile Intra House Competition


1st - Victory 

2nd - Ocelot

3rd - Goliath

4th - Phoenix 





End of Term 1 House Points Results


1st - Phoenix - 456

2nd - Goliath - 440

3rd - Ocelot - 427

4th - Victory - 404


Well done Team Phoenix!!! Keep up the good work.






Overall House Point Winners 2017/18:


4th - Goliath - 2764

3rd - Ocelot - 2975

2nd - Victory - 3094

1st - Phoenix - 3394


Well Done Team Phoenix!!


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