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Film Club runs after school on alternate weeks for children in Years 4-6. We watch a range of films and discuss these. Children are the encouraged to upload a written review to the Film Club website. On this page we will feature reviews as well as other film information. 


Film Club Dates - Terms 1&2 (2018/19)

3:30 - 5:30pm


Friday 28th September

Friday 5th October

Friday 19th October - rearranged date


Friday 9th November

Friday 23rd November

Friday 7th December


Films we have watched at this year at Fairview....


Pixar Shorts 2

Chicken Run

The Corpse Bride

Bridge to Terabithia


News from Film Club....


Term 1

  • We have 30 members of Film Club this year, with children from Years 4,5 and 6.
  • Congratulations to Alex (Year 6) who was selected to be an Into Film Youth Ambassador. Alex will attend a meeting each term in London and help to shape Into Film at a national level. He will be working with other children from around the country aged up to 18. Well done Alex.

Previously we have watched.....

Previously we have watched..... 1

Review of the Week

Congratulations to Poppy (Year 5) for her review of The Corpse Bride.



This film was OK. `Corpse Bride' is about a man named Victor, who is supposed to marry a woman named Victoria, but he keeps forgetting the lines of his wedding speech. Victor goes into the wood to practise and places Victoria's wedding ring on a tree that looks like the shape of a hand. The hand turns out to not be a tree, but to be the hand of a murdered women called Emily, who now thinks that she is Victor's wife and takes him to the underground world called `THE LAND OF THE DEAD'...

The rest of the story is about how Victor tries to get back to Victoria, but does not want to upset Emily. The ending was happy because everyone gets what they want but I won't tell you what that is because I don't want to spoil it.

I enjoyed that half of the film was underground and half was above the ground. Half of the film was dead people and half of the film was alive people. I liked the animation because the characters looked like they were made of plasticine held together by strings!

I didn't enjoy the way that they told the story through songs that lasted too long and were a bit boring.


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